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Euroz - Jazz In The Church lyrics


[Verse 1: Euroz]
My whip is the newest, My crib is included
My b**h is the cutest, Bread my n***as pursue it
"W's" we not into the losing, Separate me from these lames i'm not into confusion
Counting blessings & cash, Then contemplate all the sh** that we destined to have
My current chick flawless & all my ex's is bad
Life's short i'm never tripping on sh** I left in the past
Why? Cause it's all about progression, It's all about your team when you splitting money in sections
Thinking you the sh** till some bigger sh**'s what you step in
My ego's so convinced that i'm not to far from the legends
I really do the sh** that you hear me say in the raps
But you know i'm bout to blow, so ahead stay in the lap
We don't f** with badminton but we playing with racks
Hoes tell me that they love me, I ain't saying it back
I think it's time i warn b**hes, That my Heart's cold so dress warm b**hes
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The bandwagon is leaving, Pedal to the floor b**hes

[Verse 2: Easy Redd]
The haze hits the air, My j**elry glistens in amaze people stare
Everything casual I blaze the affair, I'm a keep collecting revenue till grays in my hair
The difference between us, I am gifted, Anything get you lifted, We gon' ship it
Our cup runneth over, these b**hes wanna sip it
My Heart cold as ice, these b**hes must be tripping, I ain't slacking on my pimping
Show you how I'm living, Take her to the strip and tell that b**h to bust a mission
Life about decisions, we gon' take the wealthy route, Hater motivated, So you marks really help me out
I can point a finger, get you marked, they gon' stretch you out
Bring you to my corner, Get you cornered, They won't let you out
You could pray to God, But that n***a he can't help you out
Or you can try your odds, and attempt to pull your weapon out..Nope
Don't recommend it, Jimi Hendrix descendent, Real rap no gimmicks, All you rap n***as timid
Until I'm on top all you rap n***as Emmitt, If he got the juice, Beat him to a pulp, Now he finished


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