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Euroz - Holy Water (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1]
I tend to overlook accomplishments,
Never hear they compliment
Single handily k**in' these rappers, no accomplices
I'm demanding respect regarding this rhymin' sh**,
Received the recognition these rappers gon' have to sign to get
I'm a problem these labels feeling inclined to fix,
But they just watchin' to see if I could design a hit
I'm working on it, but in the meanwhile I'm blowing cash on watches that's how my time is spent
Staring at this rollie as the surface shining,
What haters refer to as "luck" we call it perfect timing
Clearly a threat depending on how you interpret rhymin'
This is a murder "A" verse come with a Hurst behind her
n***as mad cause I don't wa**up errbody,
I prolly contracted something cause it's f** errbody
I was told to k** the game so now I'm bout too,
Checks are being cut and I'm the one they make 'em out to
When you on errbody try to cosign, but see I'm not all hype n***a you should vouch too
Yeah n***a you should vouch too, and f** your favorite rapper he the one I'm bout to outdo
Arrive early wearing all the latest, "who the f** he think he is?"
Is the expression on they faces, n***as looking for a way out
f** around and pave it, I'm just a n***a from Vegas who found his way on your playlist
Memo to the game, I'm bringing all my n***as in
Once I reach my first 'mill, I'm splitting all the dividends
Time is money, and both is what I tend to spend
Shooter twenty racks, and tell that b**h that she got ten to spend
I'm either counting my blessings or I'm counting cash,
Never question my respect or the amount I have
n***as quick to take the lead, but don't know how to last
No driver push my own cars like they outta gas
I swear these n***as ain't real so why you nodding your head to some sh** you can't feel
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I said you n***as ain't real so why you nodding your head to some sh** you can't feel

[Verse 2]
Never sleep but I'm forever dreaming,
AM to evening we always on it together scheming
I doubt you n***as f**in' wit' me we can bet it even
Evidently I'm running sh** minus the heavy breathing
Conversed with God last night in search of better reason
Behind that hate you n***as show when you should pledge allegiance,
I swear if money's the language you n***as better speak it
I learned it years ago and I ain't need Rosetta's teaching
Oh Christ motherf**er we nuthin' alike,
Half of you rappers should be banned from touching the mic
The other half possess a marved state of mind, cause most of the time you n***as can't get enough of the lights
The fundamentals n***as lack in the stuff that they write,
Rea**ures me my worth is more like double the price
I f** wit' real n***as, f** discussin' the type
I'm getting cake and I'll be damned if she cuttin' a slice
I twist kush then I light up minor symbols lines when my high takes a flight up
My appetite is growing so I never put the knife up,
I just get a beef-a-reezi eat you motherf**ers right up
I could say a form n***a life s**s, but for us it's just fine dining and horderves
Pretty b**hes that's high maintenance low skirts,
Being surrounded by hating n***as that throw dirt
It k**s them to know who better and I'm so sure that I will make it far cause I'm driven f** a chauffeur
n***as more concerned about who finna blow first,
Then a progressor when they do it's at a slow spurt
Everything is secondary so the doe first,
I swear I'm always on my job but I don't work
Racks on racks, stack grands higher, build a brand until it transpires

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