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Euroz - Hidden Truths lyrics

[Intro] This can't be life
But if it is I'm grateful
Might take a little longer you know
The tree will always prosper
When it's real its unconditional
[Verse 1] Yeah, feel we embarking on defining moments
Meanwhile they chase trends tryna find their moment
New n***as treat advances like a signing bonus
It's cool 'til you can't recoup I mean you got to notice
Live and give without regrets and I bet God don't notice
Seem like the devil hard at work when n***as tryna focus
But that sh** only work when n***as blind and hopeless
For the city I adore doors I'm tryna open
Humble soul but I'm the best ain't got no trouble boasting
Ayy, that what my momma told me
My new sh** is just a crew ship with precious cargo
In my mind and me it's always a lot riding on it
Whole team scheming me and mine is zoning
Catch my attention talking Ms I swear my mind is on it
Still a cla** of my own and it get kind of lonely
They cut me in like it's Gucci boy n***as out here cloning
[Interlude] But that what we were saying about the-the-the ma** production
You know it don't have no substance
So you can produce a lot of them very quickly
But they just as quickly lose their flavor
Just as quickly as something is number one this week
You never heard of the people who did it next week
Because there was no substance there
It was disco duck it was one in a million
It was not to be heard from again
[Verse 2] I ain't here to tell you what your worth is but mine is steep
If what a n***a add ain't accounted for minus me
Things can change in one year or at the slightest blink
I know the ones that wrote me off wish they ain't write in ink
It's no more games with these n***as
Like when Frank throw that fur in the furnace and fried the mink
To the point I keep it blunted most times too fried to think
Of anything outside my dreams of something great he on the brink
Getting even with the haters and the odds as well
Used to be the underdogs but now the odds is well
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f** what you thought it ain't no hate I wish we all prevail
Been through it all cards are close came far as hell
For rainy days we stacked paper like we hold a mill
For those that hold the city down it ain't hard to tell
f** linking at the tops where you can meet a n***a
Hard headed repeat offenders but we them n***as
Haters tryna cut my story short so I keep extenders
You wanna let you life pa** you or compete with winners?
Humble beginnings grew our hair out for them heatless winters
Fridge was empty as my stomach guess it's sleep for dinner
Tryna keep it real but y'all dont even hear him
Take it back
All the way back
[Interlude] Damn glad to see you going
Wonder how you got here
It was all those things
[Verse 3] Nothing was easy it was hard at each stage
Hate to see my momma work and mom's mom carry pain
Mark my words I ain't stopping 'til we all very paid
Splits cut down the middle like a Mulberry fade
Uh, story unfold 'til you look at my whole body
Mom's had a key didn't open doors for nobody
Pops was doing time or playing with his nose prolly
I saw him get his whiff he thinking I don't know prolly
I'm thinking out aloud but if I'm not don't mind me
Alotta sh** been on me got it off my soul finally
I been getting to get less talking more grinding
I ain't waiting on someone that's on to co-sign me
Could have had some things locked in but let 'em go by me
This industry have you drained I've been inside it's so grimy
That for the record had to set it straight
Who need a job when them corners don't want your resume
This what it is 'til those judging provide a better way
Barbecues with the fam gram collecting plates
Next Sunday you heard your pastor pa** them collection plates
Guess that paper important that sh** like section 8
Before I leave this earth I give 'em hell Lord for heavens sake
My decisions got nothing to do with Heaven's gate
Always speak my truth I don't ever hate

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