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Euroz - As For Now (Prod. MLB) lyrics

Verse (Euroz)

Been having visions of the top
Will me and my homies make it there?
Or will the bullsh** break us?
To the point where n***as can't repair
Prides start to vanish that's a sign of be older
Like beauty, Success is in the eye of the beholder
Stress is on its way that mean it's time for me to roll up
Being all that I can be, but I ain't tryin to be a...Soldier
I mean the lessons, GODs on me
How the f** am I gon get even? With all these odds on me
Yet, I'm chasing perfection will all these flaws on me, with
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Hopes of k**ing this game, until they call the law on me, it's
No hope for the women I had relations with
Money make it easier to cope with all this hatin' sh**
Those who left me hanging, success is what i replace them with
The people needed a way out of vegas so i'm paving it for now

Chorus (Euroz)

For now, I look in the sky
The things I hope to see, has my time arrived?
Or is it nowhere close to me
The dreams that's on my mind, I'm hoping they come true
I'm still makin it happen.. ??

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