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Eternity X was formed in 1990 as Eternity. The two members still remaining from that original band are leader and vocalist Keith Sudano and ba**ist Robert "Zeek" Maziekien. After the EP The Never Ending Dream was released, Eternity played locally in the northeast United States. In 1992, Al Douglas and Harry Albert were replaced by Kevin Reipl and Jerry Liberto on guitar and drums, respectively. Another EP, After the Silence, was recorded in 1993. Shortly after thebr /br /second EP's completion, Liberto was replaced on drums by Jimmy Peruta. Jimmy brought a more technical style to the band, along with new musical ideas that pushed Eternity more toward the progressive genre. In 1994, Eternity released its first full-length album, entitled Zodiac. While this album was very successful in Japan, Eternity faced a crisis when guitarist Kevin Reipl left the band to persue other interests. After several months, Jeffrey Shernov was selected as the new guitar player. The next album, Mind Games, was released soon thereafter and found success in many parts of Asia and Europe. As Eternity's popularity increased, they were faced with a new problem -- they had become embroiled in a legal battle over their name, forcing them to change the band's name to Eternity X. Before the next album, Eternity X decided to add a keyboard player, Jamie Mazur. The new album, entitled The Edge, was released in 1997 and was more progressive than Eternity X's previous albums, showing a band hitting their musical stride. The music, lyrics and performance are unique, varied and brilliant. In July 1997, guitarist Jeffrey Shernov shocked the band by leaving unannounced and has been replaced by Kevin Reilly. ~ David White, All Music Guide

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