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Errhead - Video Hostage lyrics

[Verse 1]
Laying by the exit in plain view
No one slows down enough to notice you
Is he just sleeping, or is he dead?
Or is it all a cry for attention?

[Verse 2]
Video hostage
No one stays long enough to know it's you
And my minds a freeway
And I'm going to fast
Seems I've forgotten all the things I've past

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Well, i just wanted it to last
The same way that we had it
I just wanted it to last
Faded colours like memories fall out of my head

[Verse 3]
You blame it on your parents
Blame the city yours from
Blame the guy on your couch or you blame yourself
It doesn't change nothing;
You're a broken clock;
Running in circles until the ticking stops


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