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Errhead - Blow Away lyrics

[Verse 1]
Honey, let's get rid of the kids
The pets are allergic to them
I open up the fridge every 30 seconds
Just stare around for a while
My arms are still covered in your shopping lists
You are the one I want to watch TV with
You want to know why everyone else wins
Want to I know what's on next?

Kiss me once I fall down
Kiss me twice I'm underground
All I ever wanted was to blow away
Somewhere I'll never have to think again
It's the same...same game that we're playing again

[Verse 2]
Lipstick wipes f**ed for time
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Throw another quarter in the meter, baby
Holographic Jesus come to me in my sleep
Tell me what this love is supposed to mean?
In an air-conditioned nightmare
You get out, or you get weird
Staring in the mirror just trying to disappear
Trying to lose myself but keep finding that I'm right here


All I ever wanted (x2)
All I ever wanted was to blow away

All I ever wanted was to blow away


And again

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