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Hi my names Ian Harte, i've been creating my tracks for a while now. Previously under the name of fourteen hz and Fb productions. I started on a commodore amiga in the 90's using a program called fast tracker. I then progressed on to creating tracks on a pc with a similair program. After being fed up with the limitations of the pc i decided to buy my 1st synth. I purchased the Korg Trinity Plus with the on board MOSS synthesis card. Next was a triton cla**ic, a mackie 1202VLZ mixer,emu esi4000 sampler, yamaha rm1x, Roland jp8000 and my most recent aquisition a Korg triton Extreme. The PC is now mainly used for getting the tracks down to cd or Mp3.br /The tracks I produce are mainly of the trance genre but I also knock out the odd chillout, bigbeat, or what ever im in the mood for at the time type of tracks.

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