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Equatronic - Blind Spot lyrics

after all I've done I cannot
see you face to face
I know you never can forget,
you can believe
that you're my hero,
my support for survive
indeed you're
there but not alive
since your father died
you look so sad and
rather throned
I know he was
the only man you ever loved
but please don't leave me,
I hope you'll wait for me
indeed you're there
but like a dream
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I need only a moment
to be in your arms
only a smile to make me warm
I don't want to pursue
the times we had
without the big love
so nice and glad

you can see me now,
the deepest point
within my life I know I never
was the man
you ever want
I'm not an angel, not your
sweetest dream
indeed you're there
but not alive

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