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Epp - Post Card lyrics

[Verse 1: Illmaculate]
It's been a while since we talked, I'm working thoroughly
So here's my postcard I'm writing from Berlin, Germany
It took all this time and space to first occur to me
All the plans I shared with you then, are working perfectly
Got that sticky in a coffee house with the squad that's with me
Then we did a show in Itzehoe first U.S. rap act to rock that city
Before we go we got a sorta glow
Eating Swedish meatballs in Sweden, chiefing before the show
You know... I used to want it all just to have it
And whatever pays off becomes a habit
(Damn it!)
I'm only human, ain't I?
That's the excuses gave by, my peers, I swear
But it's proven they lie
Get to the root of it, this bullsh** can't slide
Look in the mirror confused, thinking I'm more truthful, ain't I?
f** it... it's my city, my rules
Could go any time soon so keep it fifty times two
Sincerely signed
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[Chorus: Epp]
Here we go again another show, it's different though
We represent our city all around the globe
I'm used to this feeling, no days off
What you waiting for
That's why I'm writing you this postcard
[Verse 2: Illmaculate]
I like my women with a lot of pa**ion
The neighbors think we on a bad one, we f** and fight a lot
Dropping albums, cause being with you cures my writer's block
Married to the skrilla, finna tie this knot
Devising plots, you gon' write or not? Sayonara
Left the state and left her hanging like these drying crops
I'm out of town and my phone's off
It's so hard for her when I don't call but here's a postcard
I know how that feeling is
Realest sh**'s I learn more about myself the more I'm away from what I'm familiar with
It's my city, my rules
Could go any time soon so keep it fifty times two
Sincerely signed


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