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Epicrenel - In the Dungeon lyrics

In the bottom of ravine
Outside the dungeon they wait
When to go in by silently breaking through the gate
Mission will be hard
But great is the reward if they don't fail
If they lose the souls
All their attempts were to no avail
"The elf is walking out. This is our chance
Into the woods he goes with
Empty herb bags in his hands
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The road is free - let's face the flames!
Yes, he's gone, but still there is the one in our way
It seems to seep, so nearer we can creep to it slay
Beheaded it must be, for on its neck hangs the key to the cell
We have to make haste or else we will be chased by this Krell"
In the middle of the room, in cauldrons liquid boil
All herbs, magic potions and spell books them will spoil
Ominous steams now arise!
Creeping now begins towards the sleeping eyes
Swords are sinking deep, they strike until it dies
Guardian is down - we'll free you, souls!!!

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