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Eminem - Nicole (Skit) lyrics

[Eminem & Prostitute]
Hi how you doing? (Okay)
Um, who is this? (This is Nicole, who's this?)
Yo this Marshall, how you doing?
(I'm okay honey, but I'm very busy)
(Did you wanna set up an appointment?)
Yeah I actually would, I would like to set up an appointment to get my dick rubbed
(Oh yeah?) Yeah... You know what I mean?
I'm just like... Yo, I'm kinda mellow
You know what I mean? My personality, I'm like real laid back
You know what I mean?
(Yeah, but listen baby why do you have to talk over the phone)
(Is that the only way you can get off?)
(Or do you wanna come in person?)
Uh, I wanna come in person (Okay baby) Alright...
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(Why don't you be a man about it and set up an appointment?)
(What time would you like to come?)
Okay, well first of all bitch, you offended me by saying I, I should be a man about it
'Cause, yo I'm really, I'm really confident in my sexuality
(Okay, but you know what? A man would just call)
(I, I deal with men all day, they call)
(They call, they make an appointment, they come by)
(And then I deal with little wimps who just wanna get off over the phone)
Right, right, but I'm saying, what-what's you saying
Right I ain't trying to get off over the phone
I'm trying to set up an appointment like a man
(Okay, what time is good for you honey?)
I don't know, if we could do it, like, at 2 o'clock or something like that, you know what I mean?
(You call me when you know for sure baby, I'm very busy)
Alright, alright bitch I'mma call you in a minute, you know what I mean?
(Okay baby, go jerk off your little dick)
Alright bitch

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