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Eminem - Rex (Skit) lyrics

(dialing tone)

[Dialogue: Eminem & (Masseur)]
Hi, can I speak to Rex please?
How ya doin', um, my name's Ken
Um, I'm lookin' for a buddy
(What do you need?)
Just- cold work my wife is sitting right here
Um, just a buddy, like, you know, a friend
Someone to pal around with
I'm thirty-two, I'm, I'm single
Can it be arranged?
Um, whenever
If you have time tonight, um, that'd be great
I mean, I'm just- I'm really waiting
(I don't understand what you're looking for)
Cock massage, whatever
I'm just really ready
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I've been waiting too long
(I don't under- what do you mean)
I mean, I'm just ready
You know, like
(Well, I mean its, what I do is a massage)
Alright, do you use lubricants?
Cause- okay
Aww, good, thank god, cause-
I was wondering cause I never, I never did this before
But man... Rex
(But you know I'm not working tonight, so you'll have to call me another time)
Really? Um, okay, what about tomorrow
(Yeah give me a call tomorrow)
Okay, if- what time should I call
(Well, whenever you're- you know, you know for sure your schedule)
Ok- are we gonna fuck or what cause I'm ready
[Hangs up]

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