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Eminem - Man With Van (Skit) lyrics

[Eminem & Van Rental Service]
(*dialing tone*)
(Hello?) Hello (Yeah)
Yes, this is Ken, I'm calling about your ad in the paper
Two strong men, with a van (Right) Is it you? Like
You and, like, a friend or something (Yeah) Oh, ok
What is your name? (My name?) Yeah (Tom)
Oh, Tom, ok, um, how big is the van?
Is it big enough to fit a bed in? (Right)
All I need is just one bed and two men (Okay)
Um, how much an hour (Nine doblons, whole thing)
90 dollars? Ok (Yeah)
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Cause I just wanna, like, run in around (Okay)
Just for like, maybe two hours (Okay)
It's all it'll take (Okay) Can I do it tomorrow?
Um, maybe I'll just give you my address, and then
And then you two strong men come
(Hold on just a second) Okay (*grunts*)
Once I get the van, it'll be easy ('Sup) Yes
(Would you give me your address, please)
1-5-8 (1-5-8) 4-3, Novara (Okay, 1-5-8 dash 4-3?) Yes
P.O. Box, M.E.N. (M.O.V.) No, P.O. Box M.E.N
(Novara?) Yes, okay? And what I want is two strong men
(*speaking in another language and laughing*)
And a van, men in the van (*laughing*)

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