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Eminem - Weed Lacer lyrics

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Yo, weed lacer, 97 burgundy Blazer
Wanted for burglary, had to ditch the Mercury Tracer
I'm on some loced sh**, some fed up with the bein' broke sh**
I'm not to joke with, b**h I don't sell crack, I smoke it
Havin' a coke fit, goin' through withdrawals daily
Shoot up with mescaline in front of my baby daughter Hailie
My brain's dusted, I'm disgusted at all my habits
Too many aspirin tablets, empty medicine cabinets
Losin' battles to wack rappers cause I'm always too blunted
Walkin' up in the cypher smokin', talkin' about “Who want it?”
Thug and a crook; every drug in the book I've done it
My 9's at your brain, is that you chain? run it
Crews die from an overdosage of excessive flavor
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Aggressive nature got me stickin' you for your Progressive pager
Spectacular, battle rap manufacturer
Stole your momma's Acura, wrecked it, and sold it back to her
Boostin' Nike jackets, escaped from psychiatrics
Told the nurse to save my bed for me, I might be back trick
So barricade your entrance, put up some extra fences
A woman beater, wanted for repeated s** offenses
Chasin' dips – take ‘em on long vacation trips
Kidnappin' ‘em and trappin' ‘em in abusive relationships
Mess up your face and lips, slit your stomach and watch your gut split
Gut you with that razor that I use to shave my nuts with
Mama, don't you cry, your son is too far gone
I'm so high, I don't even know what label I'm on
I'm messed up, I feel just like an overworked plumber
I'm sick of the crap, what's Dr. Kevorkian's phone number?

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