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Eminem - Freestyle Power 92.3 lyrics

[Verse: Eminem]
Come in spittin', with not writtin', non-fiction
Rappers try to step to this, with no prediction
It doesn't matter cause I'm smashin' and bashin' and crashin'
I hate rappers with a pa**ion when I'm chilling with DJ Fashion
Yo, I need a frickin' kleenex, so I die like River Phoenix
When I'm chillin with Phoneix, with two Coronas
I'm on the microphone and I'm a own this
Yo, and I'm a bone this in Arizona
Yo, rappers that ain't able
That can't stay stable, I'm on two turn tables
With my man, but he doesn't matter cause he kicks lyrics galore
And he's only five foot four
Yo check it out I bust rhymes and get, groovy
My man got carded at a rated R movie
But it really didn't matter, he wasn't insulted
He said I'm 27 years old, yo, I'm an adult, kid
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But, yo still, Slim Shady gets ill with the sk**
And I'm a always bill and k**, my baby's mama
Just to piss the world off, just to piss the girls off
Yo I earl off
The top of the building, k** women and children
And then it hit me
Suddenly my wrists tried to slit me
Couldn't believe it, yo, ya'll can't conceive it
It's Slim Shady, I'll f** a girl in her cleavage
Bleep that out, and you can keep it, just bleep it
Yo, y'all keep it a secret
I'm top secret, like pop secret
Rappers they don't wanna see
Slim Shady, I'm from the motherf**ing, D
Yo, yo Slim Shady

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