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Eminem - The People's Champ lyrics

I told the world one day I would pay it back
Say it on tape, and lay it, record it so that one day I could play it back They ask me am I okay, they ask me if I'm happy
Are they asking me that because of the sh** that's been thrown at me This is a beat with no words at first, it's a blank painting
Exercising the mind, it's brain strength training My motto is live by the bottle
So why is my supply low? Bring in a truckload with a high-low My name is Chauncey Billups, I'm kind of like a raunchy Phillips
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Screwdriver, my crew's live when you can't sleep and you're still up I came in this game with, bad intentions
And I ain't budged, not even an inch since then Lava on my lips I flips, wake up think I have a cramp
I'm trying to shove the lava lamp up my father's a** Got my self esteem back, got my confidence up
I'm gonna step up on this stage now, I'm gonna strut Shady man, I done told you once homie to easy up
But you just won't listen will ya? Nah, I guess not

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