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Eminem - Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2) lyrics

Feat : Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I get to busting like like I'm a thirty-aught-six
When I'm rippin' the beat up but then I heard ya' got pissed
When I got at the top, they made it pretty hot
'Cuz they knowin that Tecca Ninna's the dirty chop (chopp-er)
He's handle, homes here, he's a handful
Hoving the holly hovery, hollin', go ham though
I said to Seven "Richard Havens'll be the man"
So we put it together thinking Eminem was a gamble
Guess not, cause he be the guest spot
Kaliko said, "what we doin'?," I said to 'im, "Let's chop"
So now the people finally get three of the best locked
Never be another choppers comin' so let's rock, n***a
You're on, people got to wondering if its a for sure song
Yes I got another k**er making a tour strong
If you thinking of battling - you're gone!

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]
Nobody can catch up with me cuz I'm Speedy Gonzalez
Beatin' the problem
And if ya got your feet in your mouth you gon' have to be at the bottom
It's a lot of 'em and I mean a lot of 'em
And me and Nina used to follow [?]
And this is it man, the hitman, the it man, karate 'em
And the fans, will lift hands, we'll be dancin' out of 'em
And [?] in advance, to withstand the pile of 'em
Who stands with two hands to move in the crowd of 'em
If I ain't makin' sense then you better sample
The amp of it like the ba**
It ain't ever been [?], I heat 'em, I beat 'em, I burn 'em
Then I let 'em out
They never heard of us but look at me, I'm turnin' up
I slap the shirt off a super symbol to make up a [?]
I said the purpose to pick a pen and reverse the conditions I'm livin' in
And do bigger numbers than Eminem
Gotta be fast so I smash on a n***a
With half the catch I'm a little sicker, quicker than your figure
(Ice cold) I make 'em shiver bigger than the winter
If you half a** delivering I'ma eat your dinner
Better than [?] I mean other guys
I jump around so do that mean that I'm rubberized?
Me and my raps [?] murderize
We bleed 'em, beat 'em, 'til they [?], seat 'em

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko & (Tech N9ne)] x2
(If you wanna go with us)
(I'mma leave 'em in the dust)
(I must be the one to bust)
(And I'm gonna hit the clutch)

[Bridge: Krizz Kaliko] x2
Sometimes, I feel
Like I'll never slow down
Worldwide Choppers

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Wait! Before I wreck this beat, let me just check to see
If Stephanie Mills left any extra refills of ecstacy pills next to me
Clean the seats still, or did she eat 'em all with a breakfast drink?
(You don't expect me to sing!)
In the habit of grabbin' a mic and babblin', I dabble in lights
But I might just swallow my f**in' Ritalin tablet after the night
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I'm grabbin' it right from the medicine cabinet cause that's what it's like
And attack it like a dragon and bite
[?] backpack on the right
Just stick a pin-up inside a Finnegan's diner with a cigarette lighter
Thinkin' of tryna set a [?] in the fire that'll trigger the sprinkler system
And I'd escape but the getaway driver screwed up my limo
Collided with the cement divider
I went through the window and ended up bein' pinned beside of [?]
Friend of the guy's wife, friend of the flight attendant from Idaho
So I pick up a pen, I'm venomous and I'm as thick as skin
Like an evil dentist hygienist, sinister
You've been yellin' demented [?] Genesis
The nemesis to a feminist
f**in' smart, I look degenerate
I got Ellen DeGeneres tryna tell me these men are just full of jealousy
Envious of female independence, head with a clitoris, hit or miss you
Never consider this a bit of disappointment, I'll never fail to deliver this
Whatever the weather in this'll be just like a certificate of authenticity
That I'm thinkin' about just tryna think of the quickest and sickest way for 'em to pick it
I pick a day to be picked and [?]
In the back of a [?] unforgettable
Better believe these beats are edible
I consider loose leaf a vegetable
And I stalk my prey
You think you got away but not today
Murder you on a song and then I'll just say
I was with Dr. Dre and Robert [?] eatin' lobster steak and coffee cake
At a restaurant with Drake
And Tech just got to make sure our stories corroborate
I'm a lot to take like Kanye walking up on the stage for Beyonce like it’s my job to say that you’re not a real artist, but it’s my obligation Honest Abe is on his way you will not escape
Ammunition, replenish the Punisher with his gun at your [?]
And a clip on that which motherf**ers better run
If you're not lookin' to get run over by the roadrunner
No wonder don't no one wanna go and jump in front of a f**in' runaway locomotive
Or get thrown up under it just tryna f** with 'em

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9ne] x2

[Bridge: Krizz Kaliko] x2

[Verse 4: Tech N9ne]
I'm the fury, the final fight
I flip it on fraudulent fellas for feelin' fright
I flick it on fire, finish him when the flow in flight
Feminine fakers fall, I'm floggin' a foe with a fife
Never forget it, I severed the head of a critic
I sped up and did it, you tripping to be a dead epidemic
Or wet up a clinic, and make a bloody redder percentage
Of an addict whose having to get the lid of a cynic
I was never the Devil, I put up a fight in the industry
Peddle the metal, we giving a lot of, lot of energy
We repping, beat checking, [?]
If he's the evil enemy it'll be over
Wanna get down in front of your town
You ever making fun of the clown, I'm gunning you down
We doing it under the ground, a wonderful sound
If anybody come at the hound, don't wanna be found, b**h
Will never be chopping with thy Slick Rick
I got it from the record, lick the balls and this dick
If you never listen to me, you musical misfit
Nah, cause every time I be dropping I get bit
I'm hearing a lot of rappers, they trying to spit quick
But the middle West got 'em, we k**ing 'em in this b**h
If you ain't in my circle of choppers you miss dick
Cause me and my n***a Twista ruler, and that's it


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