Eminem - I Just (Died In Your Arms) lyrics

Oh, I just died in your arms tonight
It must've been something you said
I just died in your arms tonight

[Verse 1: Lil' Wayne]
Weezy F matchin with Bird Baby
VRP's, SB's, matchin shirt, maybe
White T, Neck V, gla**es are Versace
Married to the mob, but im a bachelor baby
Love is in the air, I put on a Gas Mask
I rather be there first, than the a** last
I'm a Gorilla, call me Sasquach
And I keep my army with me like M.A.S.H
Light up the purp, pa** it like Steve Nash
b**h your so hot I give yo a** a heat flash
Young Money boy, I'm on 03' cash
Such a CEO, like my homie D-Dash
Gas... we mash like Pac and the outlaws
And we stand-up, and try not to down-fall
Tryin' to reach my goal, like a round-ball
Freddy'll do anything for the crown y'all

I keep on looking for something I can't get


[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
Enough holding back the steam, Em let off a magazine
Dapper Don, Cap' of Queens, mixed in with Cashis creams
Started off with half a dream, developed into what you see
Telling ain't my cup of tea, can't tell I'mma f**ing G?
I'm all automatic when I'm at it, start static and you splattered
sh** shattered, I'mma walking b**h magnet
Spit it how I live it live it always to the limit[x2]
And I'm always on my pivot for my digits you dig it?
Me I'm from the street[x2]
We ain't nothing sweet[x2]
The home of the homies
There's a body every week[x2]
Now I don't hear the sirens
But they probably gonna creep[x2]
Plotting to pull me over
Plant the in my jeep
So I'll be skipping cities 7 states in a week
For the wolves follow rules
Don't get moved by the two's blood'll ooze on your shoes
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Wait Control your hate, you ain't ridin' in them sixes
Cause you spendin all your on them b**hes


[Verse 3: Eminem]
They think they crazy
But they ain't crazy lets face it
sh** basically they just playin sick
They ain't sh** they ain't sayin sh**
Spray umh 50
A to K get in the way
I bring Dre and them wit me
And turn this day into f**in mayhem
You stayin wit me
Don't let me lose you
I'm not tryin to confuse you
When I let lose wit this uzi
And just shoot through you Isuzu
You get the message
Am I gettin through to you
You know what's comin
You motherf**ers don't even know do you
Take some BIG and some PAC
And you mix them up in a pot
Sprinkle a little Big L on top
What the f** do you got?
You got the realest and illest k**ers
Tied up in a knot
The Juggernauts of this rap sh**
Like it or not
It's like a fight to the top
Just to see who die for the spot
You put your life in this
Nothin like survivng a shot
Y'all know what time it is
Soon as 50 signs on this dot
sh** what you know about d**h threats
Cause I get a lot
Shady Records was 80 seconds
Away from the towers
Them cowards f**ed with the wrong building
They meant to hit ours
Better evacuate all children
It's Nuclear showers theres nothin spookier
You're now about to witness the power


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