Eminem - Believe in yourself lyrics

Believe in yourself lyrics


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[Verse 1 : koustav] I stand on my feet, on the gra** I can't believe in myself, I'm broken in parts In two parts, one is good and other evil For my life, I can't choose the good and curse the evil Lies beneath my earth, I got my body with those deep scars I fly an aircraft and withstand the weak power So my mind retarded and my father, a f*ggot Congratulations, you got a baby, who's the babies father? I'm pissed off because I'm nobody to handle a baby This heavy baby got my veins raged, my veins got bursted and I slammed on my face I was fifteen, still I was better, why I was just growing up to develop beard I was confirmed when my wife's got pregnant, I wished I had a baby, but then, I'm buried in a closet To get divorced, I have to enforce her, out of the house, I'm filled with envy, not that she was so wrong I performed a song on the stage, this was my song that would convey message I'm nobody, I'm piece of crap,so throw me in trash,I can't get a hold on my cash Again, I go to flashback, I had no girlfriends, then my crazy notes will be of no use If I can't convey my message Talking to my baby, I feel pain How is she? I wonder [Verse 2: Eminem] If I could get one more chance to see her Then run to her destination, where is she? I had got no wings to fly,but I've a mind To interpret all the consequences to foresee, to get a nice chance, deprive of basic amenities I'm no tribal to live in jungles, but I'm a man, a part of this evolution I can involve a cushion when I'm resting on my sofa In fact I have no money,no bucks, to buy a loaf of bread If I could get an answer from the god, I could go with him No one there is to accept my faults and my grievances I can't find an answer, till I'm grown,I'm no Nostradamus to make predictions After addictions, I reverted from a bad cancer of lungs I was full of catholic school, but now doctors prescribed the chicken stew Back in actions I got a destiny that can seek repentance [Verse 3: lil Wayne] If I had been a chain smoker I would put my mind into poker Poke her, as she got buns out of her sweater Place the dick in her an*s, and sweat her Later, she was k**ed herself, when you left her As she said, "I hate you", I said that I dated you For that f**ing felling, I was f**ed up and slew If you could be me, you will now how much depressed I am For that f**ing period, I curse my own eye Why it saw you? ,motherf**er I cursed myself that it was just an attraction

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