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Eminem - Believe in yourself lyrics

[Verse 1 : koustav]
I stand on my feet, on the grass
I can't believe in myself, I'm broken in parts
In two parts, one is good and other evil
For my life, I can't choose the good and curse the evil
Lies beneath my earth, I got my body with those deep scars
I fly an aircraft and withstand the weak power
So my mind retarded and my father, a faggot
Congratulations, you got a baby, who's the babies father?
I'm pissed off because I'm nobody to handle a baby
This heavy baby got my veins raged, my veins got bursted and I slammed on my face
I was fifteen, still I was better, why I was just growing up to develop beard
I was confirmed when my wife's got pregnant, I wished I had a baby, but then, I'm buried in a closet
To get divorced, I have to enforce her, out of the house, I'm filled with envy, not that she was so wrong
I performed a song on the stage, this was my song that would convey message
I'm nobody, I'm piece of crap,so throw me in trash,I can't get a hold on my cash
Again, I go to flashback, I had no girlfriends, then my crazy notes will be of no use
If I can't convey my message
Talking to my baby, I feel pain
How is she? I wonder

[Verse 2: Eminem]
If I could get one more chance to see her
Then run to her destination, where is she?
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I had got no wings to fly,but I've a mind
To interpret all the consequences to foresee, to get a nice chance, deprive of basic amenities
I'm no tribal to live in jungles, but I'm a man, a part of this evolution
I can involve a cushion when I'm resting on my sofa
In fact I have no money,no bucks, to buy a loaf of bread
If I could get an answer from the god, I could go with him
No one there is to accept my faults and my grievances
I can't find an answer, till I'm grown,I'm no Nostradamus to make predictions
After addictions, I reverted from a bad cancer of lungs
I was full of catholic school, but now doctors prescribed the chicken stew
Back in actions I got a destiny that can seek repentance

[Verse 3: lil Wayne]

If I had been a chain smoker
I would put my mind into poker
Poke her, as she got buns out of her sweater
Place the dick in her anus, and sweat her
Later, she was killed herself, when you left her
As she said, "I hate you", I said that I dated you
For that fucking felling, I was fucked up and slew
If you could be me, you will now how much depressed I am
For that fucking period, I curse my own eye
Why it saw you? ,motherfucker
I cursed myself that it was just an attraction

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