Eminem - B-Rabbit vs. Maurice Grant lyrics

B-Rabbit vs. Maurice Grant lyrics


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[Unknown] The Shelter Let me get up in this n***a like smashin' With a red beam Johny blastin' Evil is the rhyme a**a**in Get a guy runnin', like haulin' a** Bury you pink rabbits for askin' Closed caption n***a don't say a word When these flames get to burnin' up Burnin' you down Leavin' you ground tore up From the pressure Wanna frown Don't want the n***a known pullin' triggers Hoist this fool on my neck back-break this n***a [B-Rabbit] Check it out Look, look I gotta flow, I'm from the Mo You ain't Detroit, ho Talkin' about seven mile Change your style I read your bio You're really from Ohio I'm vile This guy's so f**in' fat I can't even see his eyes when he smiles Yo, listen to this motherf**in' rhyme Yo chicken, we can do this As a matter of fact have another beer I'll be right back, dawg I'ma set the mic right here

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