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Ember Swift - Competing? You Choose lyrics

Competing is what we do
Whether it's for first chair in the orchestra pit or for academic scholarships
We compete
We compete over who has the fastest car, the whitest teeth
The biggest feed lot farm, the most nuclear arms
The skiniest waist, the most beautiful face
We compete until somebody wins, we compete until someone
Is beaten down
We compete for higher ground
So we beat each other over and over
And our children learn each day as they grow older
That in order to be successful you must step into the ring
Tap gloves and fight to the finish
Compete, beat, endure and diminish
Whether it's for an oil pipe line or a stuffed animal at the fair
Put this mentality into a country of people
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And we will blow up our neighbours in justified warfare
What have we won when all is said and done?
A piece of land through the barrel of a gun?
What have we won when we're considered "celebrities?"
A little gold star that all the crowds will see
As it glitters on the sidewalk in the afternoon sun?
Or, better yet, that same gold star pinned on your son's military uniform's lapel?
Or an official paper framed and hung on your office wall?
For all to see, all to tell
Who is the tallest, strongest, toughest, most successful of all...
And as we win, what do we lose?
As we beat others down, do you really think we rise?
As we infect our thinking with this need to win and compete
When we feed this disease, who dies?
As we win, what do we lose?
As we win, what do we lose?
You choose

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