All Elzhi Songs

Songs In album
Ain't Hard to Tell Elmatic
ALIENated Lead Poison
All Madden (Remix) -
All Out -
Audio Cinematic EuroPa**
B.E.T. Backroom Freestyle -
Best to Do It -
BET Backroom Freestyle -
Blue Collar -
Blue Widow The Weather Report
Boomerang Slang Out Of Focus
Brag Swag The Preface
Broken Frames (Intro) Out Of Focus
Call Me -
Can't Lose -
Carnivorous -
Checkmate -
Choose -
Clash of the Titans The Leftovers
Closer -
Cloud Lead Poison
Cold Steel -
Colors The Preface
Colors (remix) -
Come Get It -
Contra The Leftovers
coSIGN Lead Poison
Count The Ways -
Crying Broke -
D.E.M.O.N.S. The Preface
Deadly Medley -
Dedicated -
Deep The Leftovers
Det2Bln -
Detroit State of Mind Elmatic
Detroit State of Mind (Remix) Elmatic
Detroit State Of Mind Houseshoes Shout -
Dirty -
Do You -
Don't Get Changed * -
Down Payment -
Egocentric Lead Poison
February Lead Poison
Fire (Remix) The Preface
Friendzone Lead Poison
Get 'Em Up -
Get Plugged -
Giant -
Glow -
Goatit -
Growing Up The Preface
Guessing Game The Preface
Gunnin' for the Throne -
Gunshowers -
Halftime Elmatic
Hands Folded Together -
Hands Up The Preface
Hayworth -
Heart Condition -
Hello!!!!! Lead Poison
Hiding Place -
Intro (The Preface) The Preface
INTROverted Lead Poison
It Ain't Hard to Tell Elmatic
It's Your World Witness My Growth
Keep Dreaming Lead Poison
Kiss the Ring -
Knowledge of 12th * -
Knowledge of Self -
Lead Poison Lead Poison
Life's a b**h Elmatic
Life's a B*tch -
Like This The Leftovers
Look at My Friends -
Love It Here Witness My Growth
Maxine* -
Medicine Man Lead Poison
Memory Lane Elmatic
Misright Lead Poison
Mitten's Up (Represent Your sh** to This) -
More Colors -
Motown 25 The Preface
Mt. Everest -
My n***a -
No Competition -
Not Here Anymore -
One In A Million* -
One Love Elmatic
Over Wit Witness My Growth
Pain* -
Pete Rock Shout Elmatic
Play 2 Win -
Real Hip Hop -
Represent Elmatic
Reunion -
Royal Flush Freestyle -
Rules of Rap -
Save Ya The Preface
Scattered Pictures Out Of Focus
Set It -
She s**s Lead Poison
Someone As Real As Her (S.A.R.A.H.) Out Of Focus
Still Waiting -
Straight Up -
Talking in My Sleep The Preface
Testing Me -
That's That One EuroPa**
The Crowd -
The Genesis Elmatic
The Healing Process Lead Poison
The KGB -
The Know EuroPa**
The Leak The Preface
The Recap -
The Science The Preface
The Turning Point Lead Poison
The White Shoes -
The World Is Yours Elmatic
Things We Do -
Think Good Thoughts -
Time Travel -
To Be Determined -
Transitional Joint The Preface
Two 16's Lead Poison
Undefeated Freestyle -
Verbal Intercourse 2/ Pete Rock Shout -
Verbal Intercourse, Pt. 2 * Elmatic
Weedipedia Lead Poison
What I Write The Preface
Where Do We Go From Here -
Where's the Love -
Wings -
Wings (Audible Doctor Remix) -
Without Warning -
Writer's Block Witness My Growth
Yawl -