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Elijah - Ten Toes Down FULL Freestyle lyrics

Deserve an Oscar for this sh** man
yeah, yeah

You see you really f**ing smart
Really told me that you worried I would go and break your heart
See you had me feeling bad, playing victim from the start
I was tryna make you laugh, hold it down and play the part
But you went and f**ed it up
Man I really cuffed it up
Just for you to be a thot and let these n***as bust it up
Told me bout your last man and how he went and roughed you up
Now you tryna break my heart when he the one that f**ed it up
He the one that had you hurt
I was tryna make it work
I was tryna be your shoulder when you feel you at your worst
Silly me I didn't know
Didn't know you were reverse
Didn't know you was the best actress put up on this earth
Man you really played that role, and I could never save a hoe
And for a short amount of time, you know made me feel amazing tho
But you know karma is a b**h
And there ain't nothing you can do
So don't be doing sh** to others you don't want it done to you
And I ain't wanna be that dude
man I ain't wanna face the truth
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And I ain't wanna be that cold
Man I ain't wanna be like you
And every time you said you changed man i ain't want to be that fool
But you know the one who took the L
And you the one I swear gon lose
I thank you for all the pain that you giving me
Little did you know I had more fire than a chimney
Put it in a song
To let them know the sh** you did to me
I got the world looking at you like you public enemy
You stupid
Now the only love I got is for the music
YOu start to let them in they take advantage and abuse it
You showed me how to love you also taught me how to lose it
Now I could never confuse it
Everything you did was bullsh**
Now I ain't gonna lie and say I never loved your kisses
And I ain't gonna lie and say I hate when I was in it
But you turned me to a menace
Now I got no f**ing feelings
Now I'm doing everything you did to me this sh** rediculous

You see you really f**ing smart
Said I gon an break your heart
You funny
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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