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Eli Prince - Coup D'etat lyrics

[Verse 1: Eli Prince]

Fresh print surely back for good
Severing heads of these rappers the booth a pool of blood
Just a young kid who's misunderstood
Riding by the cops late night with the speakers up
Jumping in the DeLorean, pedal to the floor again
Back to the future taking pointers from victorians

No time for intermission while im on the road to wisdom
Even Blind can see my vision
Trynah change the lives of many men, flow valedictorian
"watch out"
"Sending rappers to the morgue again
"no doubt"
This music ish is what im really bout'
The kid smooth flow deeper than couple school's of trout
Coup d'etat almost coming to fruition
Couple people saying the kid should abort the mission
And see my intuition tells me that my acquisition
Of all these gifts that i've thrifted and nursed them to full fruition
Will help the kid to start a new chapter in first edition
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I ain't trippin' roads are cold but I ain't slippin'
Im bout to ball like 94 im Scottie Pippen
Look what the Prince be cooking but the booth is my kitchen
If I could choose i'd be lamping with Fred Hampton
Dilla and Nujabes 'd be teaching bout sampling (that true)
Dusty rude kids in the boot of my black fantom (alright)
Driving in my slippers while eating a ham sandwich (Damn n***a)
Mansions with black panthers
Butlers with right answers
Maids who majored in high fashion
Gardens with nice gra**, and
Name a kid who rhymes iller than this spitter
I'm dropping bombs like little boy in the war era
A born terror, I'm 'bout to k** this ish'
Innocent until proved guilty b**h

[Hook: Eli Prince]

And as time flies I fly
So just drift away [x3] (drift away drift away)
And as time flies I fly


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