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Eli Myles - Lyrical Work lyrics

[Intro: JayVon Deontae]
Yeah, JayVon Deontae, Lil Phaze!
Bout to give em a little bit of lyrical work, know what I'm saying?

[Hook: Lil'Phaze (2Trill)]
I can be lyrical like Mystical
Like Lebron I'm physical
Just like Shawn I'm critical
Like 2Trill I'm visual
My flow can be spiritual, I can be metaphorical
I am a extraordinary lyrical individual

Aye, that's that lyrical work, (x3)
L-l-lyrical work
Aye, that's that lyrical work
Lyrical work
That lyrical work
L-l-lyrical work
Aye, that's that....

[Verse 1: JayVon Deontae]
Lyrical work that kinda shock em like lightning
Cause the flow is kinda like j**els, on the beat I be shining
Rhymes got a nasty after taste cause rappers be biting
But my haters call me Freddie & Jason cause I'm just frighting
You'd think I'm David Banner because stunting's a habit
I'm all about my green like some lettuce and cabbage
People fake today just like an actor and actress
I spit them hot flames now watch the beat turn into ashes
You rappers animated, Cartoon Network and Nick
Act like you all hard like you resemble a brick
You should take your girl so y'all can watch a chick flick
No Big Sean, but nobody can mess with this click!!


[Verse 2: JayVon Deontae]
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Let me pray to my father cause I'mma sin
Cause I'mma k** these emcees, do it with a grin
No DJ Khaled, all I ever do is win
Stop trying to be me y'all I'll never have a twin
I'm not saving nobody, do you see a cape?
Like J.Cole I work y'all out because you all just outta shape
Beating on my chest cause I'm bananas like an ape
I got a grip on rap and it's tight like a snake, you can't escape
I be crashing on these beats, car collision
Don't call me psychic but this always been my vision
Got too much bars, I should go and make a prison
You should come with a side and a drink cause y'all just chicken
I'm not human, cause the flows not of this planet
I play my cards right and I ain't talking bout Gambit
All you do is jack, no wonder why you like a bandit
I hit these dudes and they sink, call them Titanic
Y'all on that PS3 and X-Box, y'all just play some games
And these records, all gold everything, Trinidad James
I'm Superman and raps like my Louis Lane
I got the south on lock, like I got this side on chains!!


[Verse 3: JayVon Deontae]
I love testing these dudes like a TAKS exam
These dudes go bologna, while I just go ham
I hit em where it hurts, like a body slam
Michael Jordan mode, yeah your boy just space jam
No Chief Keef, but that's the stuff I don't like
Y'all can't spit, y'all should go and pa** the mic
Eat these rappers up like that candy Mike and Ike
I'm done spitting for these people, Sike!!!
If this like shooting then I'm swishing like the homie Dirk
And y'all just keeping info, just like an office clerk
Comparing me to dances, I guess I'm like the jerk
Watch me show a smirk, when it's time for lyrical work!!


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