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Eli Myles - La La lyrics

[Verse 1]
Okay I'm young, but I'm old enough to know that
All these girls are tracking me, most of em'll go
I guess thats how it be when your never coming home
All these fakers in my face, now they wanna call me bro
Nowhere to be found when the kid was looking broke
I don't f** with new n***as you should take that as a No
If you flexing then we blam him make his goofy a** get low
Have him kissing on the net, but I wanna see that throat
Hold on, they got me
See us? We all about that action
I try to tell 'em that it's really more than rapping
Having these pretty girls is always the distraction
I can help ya get ya game thight, tryna' get my chain bright
All these numbers coming I'ma need another bank site
All these haters talking we gon' give they a** a blank sight
Let a goofy get the steel, like a f**ing cage fight

Now I sit back, flame up and think
Is you here for you, or is you here for me?
See it's curcial cause you say you not remember me
But there's so many snakes up in this f**ing industry
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Up in this industry
And there's so many snakes up in these motherf**ing streets
Snakes up in the street
That's why I keep my circle tight, it's all about my team

[Verse 2]
React, sipping back, relax
Cause we can't, take back what we had
Too many n***as realapse up in the rehab
I kick it for my n***as like a knee cap
Sit back, I'm riding
Them windows tinted out, but we never hiding
I'm replacing any rapper sayin' they signed
That real n***a card but they really lying
Everytime I turn around man it's the same old sh**
I'm the hottest n***a out here money f** a b**h
I stay true to myself, ain't tryna' sound like him
Stay indepented like a f**ing congress man
I'm falming up the dough with the roof gone
Young n***a in a f**ing two toned
They told me stay in my lane, don't act too grown
Check my pockets out they telling me "is you grown?"


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