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Eli Myles - Get Paid lyrics

[Verse 1: Joey Fatts]
My momma said all i do is cheef
And thats that sh** she don't like
But she don't mind me runnin' in a n***a house and movin' white
Cause she know that keep the rent right
I keep my 7 grip tight
Dog it's time to get it
Certain fiends asking n***as who got lean perscriptions
It's not the life you chose but we got to make a livin'
Want our neck froze, so we politicin' propositions
Listen to the words of the future
f**ing with me is drunk sailing through the bermuda
Dub up in my blunt, cup lookin' like the sewer
Pistol on my hip, so i limp when i maneuver
Juggle life when you f**in' with them bricks n***a
You probably get knocked, f** around an snitch n***a
So i hope you get the picture
That i'll f** a n***a b**h, but i never f** with b**h n***as

Money on my mind rent kinda late
Trying to make it happen do I'm out here trappin' all day
Stuck between a brick and a hard place
Know the time i'll face but i gotta get paid
I gotta get paid
And if they come test it i'll let that sh** spray
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Kim with the car dash stuffed with straight ye
And my rent late so i gotta get paid

[Verse 2]
My pops said i wasn't going to be sh**
Thats the dead n***a bought his first zip
Back in 06'
Then a n***a moved to the bricks
By 07' i was 0T takin' trips for the flip
Young and tryin' to get rich
Catch me anywhere that currency is
About paper give a f** bout a b**h
This sh** for real, catch me grindin' with clips
I fish scale i got doms on the strip
If all fails i got that .9 on my hip
Name a n***a more with it than me
That still in the streets George Forman grillin' the beef
My k**as is cheap, my n***as out here k**ing for free
6 shot revolver feeling like Lebron with that heat
n***as pattin' there feet
Me im runnin' sh**
Whole clique gunnin' sh**
Get k**ed for who you runnin' with
Cuttthroat gang, f** n***a know you herd of it
Cause all my n***as merkin' sh**


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