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Eli Myles - Eastside lyrics

Me and you, yo girl and yo friend
Yea got all hopped in, what yall wanna do?
We gon puff this loud, we gon take this ride, Shawty let's get high
(break it down, twist it up, smoke it) (x2)
Let's get high, Shawty let's get high
(break it down, twist it up, smoke it) (x2)
Let's get high, let's get high
Cruise through the eastside

[Verse 1]
Provin to Anna I'm with a friend of mine
Pa**in pine off this sh** like Amanda Bynes
Next in my line, I'll oblige til the day that I die
And the river bumpers to far side
She used to be pa**in me by
Now these hoes pilin up in my ride
Give me head while I drive
They used to try to plot my demise
Now these b**h n***as wave when the kid drive by
Smoking dope while the hoopty flow
Still the same n***a that you used to know
With a b**h that's a race you never heard befo
She don't even speak English but she love it low
The b**hes like vin buka la clica papi
They fienin, blowin up my phone
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I'm ridin, blowin dro by the zone
Just hittin up these boulevards, almost home


[Verse 2]
Just hit Atlantic, bout to make a right
But at yo gas station some n***a got the light
They actin like they friends with me but n***as really enemies
I tell you fight these f** n***as to this sh**
Good times cus a n***a eat
These n***as hate to see a n***a eat
They rather see a n***a sleep
Layin 6 feet where my mom sleep
f**in my b**h, you know these thoughts be sayin more monotony
Then you show us with a slight cree
Like a** in a white T
She tryna be a n***a wifey
But I just give her pipe dreams nightly
Make a left on 8th, we done blew like the 8th
Make a right on Oliver, n***a skate with Impala
Welcome to my hood, pop my whip and turn off the lights
You getting f**ed but you ain't stayin the night


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