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Eli Myles - Dopamine lyrics

Intro: C.O.L.L.E.G.E

[Verse: C.S.I.C.]
These f** boys think they can f** with me
Must be high off of that dopamine
I'm doped up like two amines
I mean doped up like two I mean
Tall as f**, no Great Khali
No Islam, Muhammad like Great Ali
George Foremann it's back to selling grills
1990's them Gangsta Grillz
Back to them Nelly times
n***as trying to pa** with them Nelly rhymes
I'm in the Sprite light no lemon lime
And I'm ripe to the pick, pa** my prime
Moving to L.A. no True Crime, just time to move
And I ain't got sh** to prove
Except that I made the groove
And yeah, I'm really smooth
Opposite of High School, them new rules
We went over this sh**
I've changed b**h, get over it
I'm done with y'all, now it's
Only F & F, fam and friends love them to d**h
Stop crying to the f**ing ref
Man you might as well save your f**ing breath

[These f** boys think they can f** with me?
Must be high off of that dopamine (x2)
Must be high off of that dope I mean.] x2

[Verse: C.S.I.C.]
These n***as off of that dopamine
And sadly this don't surprise me
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If it ain't white, then it's green
And if it ain't purp, then it's pink
People out there smarter than me
Burning they cells with LSD
I don't think they've seen this
But cartoons always taught me
That acid burns your a** alive when you come in contact
Some n***as trip so much, that it's now in their contract
Damn that, if I'ma do this, I'ma do it the right way
No guns and no d**, just the words that I want to say
They say, "The truth shall set you free,"
Man, I'm like the caged bird that's why I sing
Because my honesty has brought the worst out of me
I think I'm dropping the second "E" in Z.E.K.E


[Verse: C.S.I.C.]
Because what News is good when you're 19? (Uh!)
And what good comes from smoking weed? (Huh?)
Y'all did this sh** in twenty-ten
Legalized it in fourteen
L-O-L these n***as kidding
And so high they don't know this a parody
Of a song about smoking weed
And giving in to the snakes like A & E
Naw, no Billy the Exterminator
Bite me b**h, no alligator
I ran this world like a navigator
Told my story like a narrator
And Z.E.K.E. k**ing evil, get the defibrillator


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