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Eli Myles - Die Today lyrics

Sometimes I wonder, am I really livin'?
sh**, not for long, ain't sh** to eat up in that kitchen
So I'm pitchin', on the block with my n***as sippin', we gettin'
(Twisted) Heat in the bushes, wish you n***as come trippin'
I ain't missin', sittin', reminiscin' 'bout the past years
Fatts home but now Leon not here
Man, a n***a still shedding tears over that sh**
They gave him six cells then put my n***a under that b**h
But we gon' get you home, that's my word
They saying if he died six times, he wouldn't learn
And they wonder why we taught to let these shells burn
In the head of a witness over jail terms
Having a hard time accepting reality, close casualties
Sickness in my family, that sh** is always sad to see
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So we grieve, promise me my family straight and bury me a G
And show them days we always prayed to see

Said I'm praying for my n***as in the pen
Wash my hands with [?], back to this life of sin
A lot of sh** f**ed up, man, where do I begin?
With a gun smoke flare, it's just me in the end
Fatts home from doing ten, I'm tryin' to keep my family healthy
I remember days I used to pray someone would help me
Now I'm on stage, just tryin' to pave the way
Promise me my family straight, n***a, I can die today
n***a, I can die today
n***a, n***a, I can die today
n***a, I can die today
I can die today

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