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Eli Myles - Chipper Jones lyrics

[Verse 1]
Guess who's back in the motherf**ing house
But this time we want the bricks n***a, then we out
And if he don't comply, n***a blow his brains out
My whole family banged out so I went the same route
Moving birds down south, me and my n***as
Trapping on the block till the fed's come get us
Mellow young guy, grew up listening to Dilla
But don't get it f**ed up, I still trip a n***a
Never had a father figure, I grew up in these streets
Straight G, keep a heater, never getting cold feet
Known to get it cracking so the homie's love me
So whenever it's action, know they riding for me
Snitch n***as get they f**ing mama chip
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Rising to prominence you other n***as counterfeit
Swing a punch, I got a forty-five to counter it
That's what you get for starting sh**, you on the corners counting split

[Verse 2]
Never gon' change
Still be that same motherf**er from the gang
Chilling with my n***as and you know they rep the same
Serving bricks, getting money, all my n***as gang bang
Motherf**er and we 'bout it
Masked up, hammer tucked, down to bust
Looking for a n***a while I'm blowing on this cannibus
Catch you n***as slipping, cock it back and do him scandalous
Toting big choppers, A.I. with the handles bruh'

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