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Eli Myles - Chipper Jones II lyrics

[Monologue: Joey Fatts]
It all started summer '06
Jordan High School, Long Beach, California
Young bad a** n***a
Just tryin' to earn stripes and make a name

[Intro: Joey Fatts, Principal & (Friend)]
sh**, what you 'bout to get into, bro?
Man, I don't think I'm goin'
(sh**, me either, man)
All right man, ay, hit me later though
(Yeah, hey you still smoking weed?)
Oh yeah, for sure, [?]
Mr. Jones!
My office, right now
Man, f**
Where have you been first and second period?
I've been in cla**
Never mind, I know where you been
I've seen you pull up to school with them guys
I know them, they're nothing but trouble!
You know what we're gonna do? Call your mom
You're suspended for two days for excessive truancy

[Verse: Joey Fatts]
I'ma suffer in the afterlife
Short-tempered n***a, never got my manners right
I remember them nights we slept by the candle light
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Stomach growling, smelling my neighbors cookin' Spanish rice
Couldn't pay the bills but we purchased steel
[?] pistols make a n***a piss in his pants for real
Coke utensils, detrimental to get our pockets filled
All my n***as run the field like a soccer drill
This that wake music, shoot him in the face music
Ain't no love in these streets, you slip and we spray cupid
Ridin' on enemies and n***as who play foolish
Gunpowder thick, my block got a taste to it, ridin', cruisin'
Wear the heater in my polo sweater
Hit 'em up with Berettas, squeeze and don't let up
My n***as never heard of peace ‘cause Meta never met us
Leave him holy like priests escorted on a stretcher
Push the block like London Fletcher
Down for whatever since a n***a came out the womb
Boxes and tools, present a pine box to you
Don't need a jump shot to shoot
Pull up in the whip and I'll pop your crew
I want the money, if he got it, I'm into his home
Clutch the chrome, treating beef like Sylvester Stallone
Spray his a** like his favorite cologne
[?] with that chopper, b**h, I think I'm Chipper Jones

[Outro: Joey Fatts]
Ayo, what's good, n***a?
sh**, I got f**in' suspended from school and sh** for two days
Mom's tripping and sh**, she tryna put me out and sh**
But I got like 1.50 if you tryna piece up on a quarter piece and sh**
I'ma be on the block, you get at me
All right

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