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Eli Manning - Football On Your Phone lyrics

It's football on your phone
It's football on your phone

[Verse 1: Eli Manning and Peyton Manning]
It's football on your phone, that's what I said
It's football on your phone, you can watch it in bed
Take it with you wherever you go
Show your friends and watch them all go (HO)


[Verse 2: Peyton Manning and Eli Manning]
It's for football on your phone, so now's your chance
To have football in your phone and football in your pants
Look at this guy using his phone as a phone
Your phone ain't for calling
[Eli/Peyton]: Your phone's for footballing


[Eli Interlude]
Let me ask you a question, what do you get, when a football gets down on your phone?

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[Breakdown: Peyton and Eli]
If you're on a date with Simone (Football on your phone)
If you're taking out a small loan (Football on your phone)
When you're sitting on your throne (Football on your phone)
When you're buttering a scone (Football on your phone)

[Spoken Word from Eli Manning]
It's like I spilled milk all over your blouse by accident or on purpose. It's like the milk is like football and your blouse is the phone


[Verse 4: Peyton and Eli]
Football on your phone is football all the time
Do you want that?
He does, she does, our dad does
Does your dad want it, I mean?


[Verse 5: Peyton and Eli]
What do you think Alexander Graham Bell would say if he saw you watching football on your phone?
Who cares? Dude's dead

[Hook] x5

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