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Eleventh He Reaches London - Code Entwined lyrics

And woke on the floor of my house in low
And laid until dark again, growing thin
In low she was here with me, in crown and robe
In low nothing lives here now, not bird or horse
In low I was, adorned with crown of war and left to die
And now in low, nothing lives here now, I've lived in lie
And I have spoke, in code and entwined the accents of love, and woke unloved and alone
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I've spoke as plain as in text, the joy of my d**h, and slept, unloved and alone
Bānhūs, bānhūs is broken mind and organ loss
I'm ennui code entwined and haunted, bathed in the morning light
In the house that I grew up in, unloved, divine and in low
Forlorn as a limping foal with a broken leg
On the land that I'll be buried, unloved, divine and in low
Long live ennui on me, crown of war on
Long live ennui on me, in low, I was

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