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Efrain - State Your Name lyrics

Verse 1:

I was a terror since the public school era
Never I was a quite n***a
But n***as still knew better
Fresh pair of 12s hair long as hell
School trip to the zoo my brother took a trip to jail
Even at 12 I knew I was sick as hell
Beating on cafeteria tables rhyming with Darrell
Tryna prevail with the flow going back and forth like Big L
Wasn't a fan of school though I did well
Inhaled my first L at 13, 15 year old influence introduced us to it
Now it's puff pa** before my first cla** stair case
Battling for respect this little voice in my head like

Verse 2:
I ain't an activist
But I get proactive (Why?)
Cause current rap is lacking
Don't call it conscious rap
Cause this ain't conscious sh**
You see the semi 50 bricks a shot of Henny
See I run on campaigns who rampage
Who react and relate
To that pain from black slaves that's black pain
You get sniped for your rights
These vampires will drain your soul
Just ask blade
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Or ask me EFRAIN a little Puerto Rican born and raised in the city
South Bronx stories there's plenty so
Welcome to Intervale where cops play pin the tail
Quota ain't siting well
Lock em up wish em well
A picture tell 1,000
Experience infinity
This whole sh** sick
The remedy ain't
Relying on luck
f** your sweet serendipity
If you don't like me
Then Let me be
Like n***a

I speak but no one hears
I dream cause no one dares
I see what's so unclear
Never mind give em beer
Bread and circuses
You cannot purchase inner worth
And if you could
Insecurities Will resurface
See my back against the wall everything on the line
So I'm on my grind and not a day goes by where I'm not in my essence
Efrain is the message
They told me state my name I came to reign and claim my presence like

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