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Efrain - Poetics 5 lyrics

Poetics 5 new


Driver - I could blow a billion f**ing dollars, and not be happy, but know how to survive. These motherf**ers will k** themselves
Me - Yeah

Driver - You know what I'm saying? Why? Because they don't know how it is to struggle

Me - Right

Driver - When you don't struggle a little in life, you know that's how life makes you stronger

Me - That makes sense

Driver - When you turn 19/18 you become a baby again. You gotta crawl. You're crawling, then you're walking then you're a man. You become a man. You know what I'm saying?

Driver - It's the second part of your life. You know what I'm saying?

Pre verse (me) - Now what you about to experience is...This is... this is Poetics 5...

Verse 1

I said too many times I've been
Within my own thoughts or do we call that zoning
However was self taught to never get lost in the moment
And I'm Usually down for instance
I'll be in a slump
Come to work not say a word
And all my coworkers think I wanna murk em
But truth is it's because of Bursar
They said
I couldn't enroll cause 10 cents
Was the reason for the hold on my frozen account and it's crazy it wouldn't allow me to enroll In some sh** I don't need
So you know what f** it
I'm soon to be condescending
Cause either way they'll dismiss what I truely posses pedagogy of the oppressed tryna chain my competence confidence
Could go down the drain


Cause you and I both
Need a little love
And you and I know
We just wanna feel a little good
Cause you and I both need a little love
Look inside your soul
You will see a little...

Verse 2:

Wait let me get this straight
So I gotta do my taxes before I do my FAFSATake out a Stafford loan just to drop a cla**
Going for your masters but you're still a bastard and you're still an a**hole
Because there's no pre requisite to building character my nigha
There's no one to tackle these issues
I'm back I'm so serious
Pedo Live laugh love
Goddamit that line is so typical
I gag when I'm hearing nonsense
Don't sleep on this nigha I am not a sabana
Flow is still fastin like Ramadan
s**a or bambalan
Please just don't be a sangana
You laugh but I'm being honest
If I feel a fake smile I'll dismiss it
And I am not the type to be dissing but pay attention
Cause these lyrics full of ammunition like klankatan
Now what you about to experience is
Poetics 5
Observe what's inside of my mind
You're thinking outside of your what?
I'm swinging outside of the lines
Derived Since adolescence
Provoking mind
I get lost within expression
Within a tenth of a second
I am left with no sessions the sh** goes so quick like that
I'm hunting for self development f** favors in disguise
I break the f**ing shackles call me Django of rap
I'm bringing her back
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I'm bringing her back to her home
I'm bringing her back
I'm bringing her to where she belong
Carry the souls
Of traded slaves
And saddened poems
I bleed
Chakra energies cause they're draining me
Tainted my sacrum it supposed to be be ruby red
Neglected the solar plexus
The roots are infected
Have to reopen my chi
Machismo muthaf**as
Who truly have nothing to offer our women
Except aggressive s**, defense mechanisms like regression
My n***a That's so kaki
You ain't sh**
If you encapsulate these sh**ty characteristics then your girl has me on her wish list
Wonder why? Just look at the difference
Now now what you are currently experiencing is this is this is
Poetics 5
Observe as I grapple the lies
You some need some more time to adjust
I skrt with one hella drive
f** the Fakes Full of facades you living in vein
Why are you delirious maine??
Spending your time at the gym building your anterior
Forget your posterior chain
Bring that back
I might have to rap genius
Show you where your splenius at
Then recuperate your attention by saying some sh** like the biggest culos I give the meanest slaps
Like Fwa!!
How I can be serious but still receive comedic claps
Personal humor
Call this sh** semi comdeic rap
But first off
I'm Pissed off with a little bit of ticked off
Take off like a lift off but I can't though
Cause it gets tough
Phone bill rent due like a n***ah making paper
But check my pay stub mof**a
Sometimes I wanna let one off word to mother
And I just wanna make the money
For Mommy Brodie Ruby Puti the homies
That's my niece nickname dick face
I'm insane in the membrane we operate on different templates
So get ya sh** straight
Cause you know I can make piragua wit the switch blade


Cause you and I both
Need a little love
And you and I know
We just wanna feel a little good
Cause you and I both need a little love
So look inside your soul
You will see a little...


Dear MTA:

I can't believe I just spent $120 for a shuttle bus
That's jammed packed and I'm standing behind a chick with a flat a** at least give me a bubble butt
I was late to my session
I was stressing I admit
Monthly expired, refilled my old card for your b**h a** turnstile to hit me with the swipe again
To make matters worse, it was 2 minutes for the 2
Until I picked another turnstile swiped again for this sh** to say just used
I needed help but there was no booth!!
What do I do??
Anyways, I'm hoping this this sh**


P.S f** you

Outro(Uber driver pt 2):

The driver is talking about how we do not have to make everything perfect the first time. As long as we share whatever we create with others, it'll get better. He then uses the example of how electricity was created. It all started with one light. Now look at the world

Thank you for reading & Listening

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