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Efrain - Poetics 12 lyrics

(Over the rainbow, live my life) x 2

Poetics 12

Verse 1:
I can't keep going on throughout life with these delusions
How long does it take for the rain to get in when you're roofless?
Misconstrued by the nuisance but I just wanna (Live my Life)
Live it right, live it like the master of the higher purpose not the servant
That's Higher being work I refer Gurdjeff, St. Bhudda, Martin Luther, but no lucifer he's Kreugered up tryna say (I live my life) For you and us
But Question
If Jesus Christ was imprisoned for parables he was kicking
Then how the f** would I expect for you to listen
To me
Dismiss em cause I'm quite gifted
And still they try to diminish with a couple disses and
f** a hot hand cause you get subbed with a couple misses
Married my logic but intuition the mistress
Minajed with hope had both in my home tisk tisk
Ashamed I say but I get away every time I seek the deep rooted
The roots dig deep
The roots dig deep
Coiled in this speech huh
Every time I speak
Youth in my spirit music my child care
I'm psychotic
So I'll write this sh**
Before I see psychiatrist
How does it feel?
When your same age cousins are copping houses
And you still live near the projects
How is this real?
Nah I'm good they're dope as f**
Excuse me but this music makes me wanna open up
I told you
I don't want money to cop a Bentley
I need money to shop at whole foods
This sh** is crazy
When all that's around you are narrow options
Alcohol or food filled with neurotoxins
And don't put me in a box as if I'm conscious
I love wine
It's justified because of antioxidants I'm sick as sh**
You ever heard of paretos law? Well is you did then that 80 percent I never say at all
So watch me as I break it down like an autopsy
Then face paint the tainted face so photoshopy-
Ish I'm sick as sh** and I said that line before dog
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Consider this an hybrid of Warhol and Kweli Guevara and ghandi Jordan and Ali
And jigga man with his left hand sawed off so I can put a bazooka On the b**h I'm letting off metaphors
That's mega rap in the South Bronx
And as for love
I think I found my precious stone
f** a bad bone She more like a back bone someone you can build with grow with and last long
That's all that I ask for now
Can I (live my life) the f** don't worry who I love
See all my friends have babies
But still bumping all the single ladies
That reveals something
1. Their love was lust
2. It was an impulsive f**
And n***as don't strap it up that sh** is crazy
The same dudes who claim to be Jesus when knocking boots
Huh I think it's time to redefine what it means to have a seed and if you need some guidance then just watch me (live my life)
Hard to be
Hard to be funny
I'm too serious they ask me where my humor went.
I Wear my heart on my sleeve I think that's humorous
With my late tendencies I swear even my über dips
Call the dispatcher like "where the f** he went"
Aye GPS take me to stress free street
Goddamit I left my equipment at home
Can't jab at these issues unpadded
These memories are permanent
I'll leave my skin untatted
And I think about sh** like this on average about 10 -11 times a day
I swear my mind is scattered
Put puzzles in my tomb but But back to humor
It's funny how people need spectacles to show respect for you
Humble be humble even though the fake standing next to you
That marketing power of the aisle with the sh**ty cereals
Versus that quite section of the vegetables
Stop thinking so much you're so serious don't let it get to you
Well technically it gets to me to get to this confession booth
And that's the truth
I'm Intune with my inner song
Poetics 12
Come sing along sing to the lord and say

I don't wanna give in don't give in don't give in to
To all the sins all the sins all the sins, lord
I just wanna (live my life)

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