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Efrain - Monster Freestyle lyrics

Fall back
I'm just chilling have some fun with it
Ellipses I done did it lord I've done did it
When they hear it I just hope it bring your son digits
Sit back relax every track boy I come with it
Not my fault that your girl gave me her digits
And you cannot blame her
You're that bird tryna tame her
But its okay
Cause she in love with efrain anyways
My n***a ride the wave
Just ride the wave
Don't be a s**er n***a
Frain is introvertive a.k.a I just don't f** with n***as
Your life is fabricated fake and full of glitter
Knock it off I'm the top dog
Say what's up to SZA
Can't wait till May 2nd watch Mayweather Pacquiao go
End debates and just crown the winner
But back to the flow
Cause this is that Dominos flow late night n***a I deliver
Too many out here tryna make it rapping
But my sh** is overdue and under paid that's back taxes
What I speak just happens so organic
You forget your lines and your image bad acting
I'll k** this beat
Strictly cause Fuse asked and
Don't sleep on this n***a
Something like a bad mattress
Flow dealer giving the listener a rap habit
Get high off my raps you come back cause it crack

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But I'm not wasting time
I'm just on my grind
Ellipses on my mind
I decided to saturate the cloud with the sound
If you don't f** with it then you're a clown n***a bounce
Sacrificing for the pa**ion
No matter what happens Imma hold it down hold it down
Cause I could k** a n***a with the same flow
Bag your chick with the same clothes
Turn her out with the same stroke
How that saying goes?
Once you go black you never go back, well...
Once you go Puerto Rican girl I'll have that p**y tweaking
Give you beso with the XO see me on the weekend
I'm a Monster 24 with the balls to conquer
Plancha cause this is that heat for streets
You would not believe I be murdering
Everything everything that's on everything
I feel like marrying this beat f** a wedding ring
And I don't be up in the streets but
I be in the BX oh yeah I be in the BX
And if you second guessing them consider this a reflex
We get the strategizing homie with the team and if the sh** ain't working then we hit em with the reset
Talent pouring out my veins I'm leaking
I'll Chew this f**ing beat up likes it chicle
I repeat
I hope you're listening
Cause it'sMay 25th

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