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Efrain - In Time lyrics

Verse 1:
Oh na na na
There's no time to waste
But just for you and I
I'll take some time away
And if the truths a lie
Then I'm wide awake

Inter chant:
When you and I reunite we gon live forever (x3)

In time
We'll be

One step closer then we are today
Talk to each other I know we would relate
And though in time we get older
It's never too late

Inter chant:
When you and I reunite we gone live forever (x3)

In time
We'll be

For real, for real, like…

Verse 2:
Am I Introspective or narcissistic
If I was narcissistic I'll be parking my visions in Satan's lot
And drink the blood of Jesus
In a tainted pot
I'll take a shot for a sacred spot
In heaven where the white horse is headless
That means the brain and the body separate
I talk philosophy with Bob Marley an Malcolm X when
God to busy for me, he probably texting Lucifer like you're losing, but the world if offly infected
I'm often injected with talent now check the ballot cause I'm in election
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I stay home at night and ponder life some intellect sh**
Like just when I had the light I crash with d**h an intersection full of deception

Inter chant:
When you and I reunite we gone live forever (x3)

In time I'll be

Last name savior
As humble as a vet doing newbies favors
A movie could take us through the inception of an alienated brethren
But we still neglect the message
I guess that's just the motions of a hopeless culture call me cynic gla** half full but you're coughing in it how you giving
Advice as a novice with no rights
When you can't even take control of your own life
Like this roller coaster of life derails
You sit back and yell "hold tight"
It's not useful
Labor labor no fruits though
We labor till the tombstone
Engraved I worked for low wage
And saved to cop a 2 door
But couldn't cause of school loans
A slave to the mulos and culos
Women power
Can't see the suppression when it's men who get cooked in lava
Suppressed emotions express with Smith n Wesson hold this

(Gun shot)
Children under desk Children under desk
What they tech testing in Colorado?
But never mind that say what up to B.R.A.V.O
Smoke the pain away save the day and pop a bottle because...

For real, for real, like…
In Time....

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