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Eearz - Change lyrics

[Intro: Eearz]
Change, sh**
I guess change is good for any of us
Whatever it take for any of y'all n***as to get up out the hood
sh**, I'm wit it
I ain't mad at 'cha
Got nothin' but love for ya, do your thing, boy

[Hook: Eearz]
I just wanna change, you just wanna change
When that money came, all these hoes just changed
Talkin' 'bout 4 Range, pulled up in them things
Seein' on them thangs, blowin' out the brains
I just want some change, that new Mulsanne
And the window wings, Alexander Wang
b**h I'm Charlie Sheen, b**h I got the game
I just want some change, hey you wanted change

[Verse 1: Eearz]
I just made my lane, I just lost my brains
Myron lost the brains, I just caught a diamond
Give my j**el a shinin', I'm just kickin' flavor
I ain't even rhymin', this watch an OT
I can't tell no time and
Then I got us the stuff, I'm like, "f** n***a, what?"
n***a tellin' me that he gon' go to the trunk
He ain't got no time, I already got mine
Once he turn his back, put holes in his spine
But that b**h n***a turn up
But that b**h n***a turned up
And never get swish in my cup
40 took on me, I've been goin' through some changes
Tell me to drop my tool, don't know my situation

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[Verse 2: Eearz]
Measure up, I'm with the loft
Porsche, put in the stable
Power moves at the table
Paid the cost to be the boss
Ben Frank, you see me tossin'
Split the check just like an offerin'
Family members pa**ed away
sh** changin' every day
Kickin' doors and sellin' caine
What it take to make a change?
Put a price up on your head
n***a you just worth some change
Used to sleep up on the floor
I ain't have no f**in' change
Now the crib so big
Find me on the other wing
Came so close up where I started
Some changes I made was the hardest
Think I'm weak? Lil b**h I've been the hardest
Drownin' in dirt, gave a n***a a polish
Was a dealer slangin' narcotics
My cheese green, not cottage
Shouts out to me, not the stylist
I dress myself, I'm the proudest

[Bridge: Eearz]
Now listen I'm too real
Can't change on nobody, yeah
She got them a** shots
Spend change on her body


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