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Edward Field - If we divide the world into nurses and patients lyrics

If we divide the world into nurses and patients
I am a born nurse
And you are a born patient
I am in a pa**ion of taking care of you
And you demand constant unremitting attention
We found each other

Your ailments increase in scope and complexity
As I struggle to keep you well
Finding cures, solutions to your problems
Your needs are a mountain
And I am a an ant
Moving it grain by grain
I daren't stop for a moment

How to keep you alive my darling when life seems to have cheated you
Rewarding you only with troubles galore
In your view that is somehow all my fault
I am supposed to make it up to you
You see me as one of the lucky ones
Who had been given everything in life
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And luck

My luck, angel
Is only to have found you
The large demanding child I adore
The child of the world I worship
The child of myself I care for
My sweet pain
The more I give the more you demand
I can never do enough, I know
Failure, failure
Still, I am grateful for a way to be useful in life
Thank you for that supreme gift
To me you are a radiant being I am honoured to serve
Nurse has found the perfect patient
Patient the perfect nurse
And care will be unrelenting

Both parties agree
There will be no cure

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