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Ed Sheeran - #FoodRevolutionDay Song lyrics

Feat : Jamie Oliver & Alesha Dixon & George The Poet & Hugh Jackman & Jamie Cullum & Jazzie B & Paul Mccartney & Professor Green

[Verse 1: Jamie Oliver]
My name is Jamie Oliver, I'm here to say
I wanna talk about Food Revolution Day
Half the world is starving with too little to eat
And the other half die from being obese
How people live the longest is they grow and they cook
Learn recipes from your parents or books
If you haven't got a clue about the mess that we're in
The answer lies here in the words that we sing

[Chorus: Paul McCartney & Jazzie B]
Feed the kids right through their stomach and minds
They deserve a better future but some people are blind
It's a revolution
Educate the nation with a song and a vision
Come on everybody, do the right thing, sign the petition

[Verse 2: Alesha Dixon & Hugh Jackman]
People in charge aren't getting it right
Politicians don't know and now they need to shed light
Don't rely on the government to fix this plight
No country in the world has ever won this fight
We're the only ones who can save our lives
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Click the link below for the petition to sign
It doesn't take time so you need to just bear it
Do the right thing, sign it, share it

[Chorus: Paul McCartney, Professor Green, Alesha Dixon & Hugh Jackman]

[Verse 3: George The Poet]
Yeah, we all have a friend
Someone who's there from the start to the end
Someone who's there through the good times and the worse of it too
And guess what? That person is you
So from now on when you wake up, first thing you do
Make yourself a promise that you'll eat better food
We better do what we can, this better reach somebody
Why? Cause you only get one body

[Bridge: Professor Green & Jazzie B]
Don't give up your day job, Jamie
I'm only joking, mate
It's all for a good cause
We need a revolution, not devolution
Think of bad nutrition
This is a revolution
People, can you see? Come on now


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