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EcheSketch - Yonker's Remix. lyrics

Hey Tyler, you know me?
Of course not, It's EcheSketch
Bout to jack your fucking beat man, here it goes
Let's see if I can do as good as you

[Verse 1: Echesketch]
I'm a fucking walking paradox, (Wait!) Fucking, yes I am!
America's corrupt and I blame this shit on Uncle Sam
How did they start? Well maybe the theory of the Big Bang
Tried to fuck the world, but since when did this planet get a big wang?
Already killed on to many beavers to give a "dam"
And already sliced enough Jews so forget the lamb
I'm looking for some H.A.M. to go Hard As a Motherfucker
I don't do this shit for the kids so don't look at me like I'm Michelle Duggar
Punched a girl in the pussy and said "I fist a girl"
Magic wands and devil bonds, fucking mystical

I'm not a fucking Goblin, I'm a fucking Demon
Lava as the semen, from the depths of Hell
Nigga you better respect it...
Odd Future, Wolf Gang
Man, I'll kill them all
Umm...Second times the charm

[Verse 2: Echesketch]
Lyrical terrorists, lead to fucking miscarriages
Within the drug ring as a diss to marriages
Doing drive bys in 1860 carriages
Dare I say I'm better than you Tyler?
Hmm let me think prior, to the situation that was once dire
Do I mean it? Am I a liar?
Jay-Z didn't when he said he would retire
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This is the new rap age and I'm the Messiah
Watch the 16 bars I can spit
It's something you WISH you could require, (Bitch!)

Nah nah, I'm kidding Tyler. I love you
It's these faggot ass rappers who think they can rap but they really can't
Shout out to Hopsin. Even though you, fucking hate him

[Verse 3: AB¢Minded]
Poison one of Rick Ross' donuts
So he can die slow 'nough
Give him a taste of his own medicine
Cops are at the porch and I'll never let them in
Man, those Bulls BETTER win
Or else I'll point my A.K at Richard Hamilton!
Steer that fucking Flight Jet into the World Trade Center
And tell Young-C he needs to find another career that's better
I booked Minaj and Katy with first class seats on Flight 93
Man you going to fuck with me?
I'm possessed by the soul of Kenneth Bianchi
Hands around your bitches neck, with the pressure to squeeze
So don't tempt me, Because it won't be a very happy ending, Nigga!

Man there's much more to come, from the Demon himself, EcheSketch
I'm sure this "shook up" your fucking mind...
That a 14 year old kid from Elgin could do this shit

Taylor Gang or Die?
I'll injest pills of Cyanide
Hook of the monoxide up to my car, watch me die inside

(What the fuck?)

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