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Ecco2k - Clear Eyes 2017 lyrics

[Intro: ECCO2K]

[Hook 1: ECCO2K]
It's clear eyes
What a pleasant surprise
Moon gravity guys
Ridin' in disguise
With the clear eyes
Don't think you understand
My eyes are clear and I popped a band
Now a Nike girl wanna hold my hand

[Verse 1: ECCO2K]
It's clear eyes
Ridin' round in disguise
Don't think they'd understand
But I be gunnin' for prize
All my n***as ridin' round
Blu-Ray disk player
I'm 2k six player
I be ridin round like they are, all night
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Ecco echo
Ridin' round with my Echo
I'm posted up in that climax
You know I don't like the gecko
I got money and a flow like Gucci Mane
Posted in the club when I'm at Japan
Got eyes for you I be ridin' strong
And I be going straight stupid when I hit the bong
Meadery, meadery
Hit you in the club with Chidori
I be going down like ???
I be going hunna fifty to ???
Posted in the club in the morning
Posted in the club at night
b**h, I'm ridin' round on my bike
b**h, I'm ridin' round on my bike

[Hook 2: ECCO2K]
I got clear eyes
Ridin round in Prague
A pleasant surprise when we ridin' round in disguise
I got clear eyes
Moon gravity guys
We ridin round in disguise
We got clear eyes, am I right?

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