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Earl Greyhound - Misty Morning lyrics

Mother don't you recognize your son?
Care for what your careless love has done
Lay your teary face against my hand

Let your boy in it's the morning he's at the door
Kiss his forehead let him know that you're in control
He might ignore it might forget you never feel it

That's the hardest part the start is where the art is
When you're low and you've hit your floor but don't let it show
Act as if I'm next to you breathing in it there's relief

I'm your blanket don't wake up with misty morning eyes no more
The rain has staked its claim on water and mist for sisters
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If you want let your light take the sun to task
It don't take all that long

I'm conceited to think you need me to tell you what you're feeling
I could draw it make a mix to let you know
I'm a artist that's where my heart is so let's get started

Either way hit your low or reach your peace of mind
You find you can forget and let go
Let it go

It don't take all that long to rip it up and put it back together
I'm a razor, shaper, ruler, paper, first in my cla** at arts and crafts
It don't take all that long

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