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E-Zizzy - Or Nah lyrics

[Into] we got this we shared on face book here we

(verse)can I get a date (Or Nah) do you want a babe
(Or Nah) can we date (Or Nah) if you don't want to date
Are you going to get out of my face(Or Nah)
Can we get a backseat (Or Nah)
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This is a backseat to the or nah show we going to rip this piece
Can I go to my girl house ( Or Nah ) is you going to pounce out my house
(Or Nah) im a fast spitter im not a quitter we made a feature with my homie Kyree
( E-Zizzy productions)
(sped up)can get a little bit of water when I saw her finna win her back with my
Rupack, I don know what was on my nutsack im higher then a pinnle cup im a sweet little
Boy here we go im like cars im the piston cup so I can shine it up ha ha thats bars right there
That's what the productions payed me for (yeah E-Zizzy)

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