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E-$wish - 2-10 Cypher lyrics

[Intro: Chiki & Gucci Chuchy]
I mean it's Thomas
It's ThomasOnTheKeys, dude
I mean it's Thomas
We got ThomasOntheKeys

ThomasOnTheKeys Who else you need?

[Verse 1: Clemz]
It's your boy Clemz
I'm riding in a Benz
Got a fat bitch but you know she is a ten
Going to the river with some fourties and some Hen
Drink it like its water
She gon' give me head
She weight about 2-10
I'm a weatherman
She's squirting like its raining
While I'm concentrating
She gon' keep on gaining
Is this entertaining?
Fuck that, E-$wish spit it like its draining

[Verse 2: E-$wish]
We back in the game
Thomas this shit is so flames
APT crew, bitch I thought you knew the name
ThomasOnTheKeys man who else do you need?
Always in the lab so you know we take the lead
We don't ever stop, we keep mpving we don't drop
We growing like ballons so you know we gonna pop, yeah
Yeah, pop yeah

[Verse 3: J-$lam]
Most of these guys are colder than winters
Put this rappers in boxes like action figures
I got a bitch that will give you the shivers
Girl you're not yourself here eat a Snickers
Ha, its me and my boy Clemz chillin' with a bunch of girlfriends
Watch their heads turn when we pull up in a Benz
Thotties pass em' to the left side
Girl I swear when I'm with you that's the best high

[Verse 4: Flamisco]
Crazy summer days, hitting up the babes
Late summer nights riding in our bikes
I'm in it, without it, I have it, she wants it, she has it, she keeps it
Wait, hold up
Fire in the studio, Thomas dropped a new track
Doesn't let others peek, not even a crack
Pencil and paper are my utensils
They say I have potential but the eraser is essential

[Verse 5: Thomas]
Wit' a fat chick
Drive her like a stick shift
All she smell is filthy rich
She looking at this dick
Look at the tick of the wrist
Iced out, like peguin
Living the things that I wished
Like crossing your bitch off the list
Every single time
I spit my clever rhymes
Put my life on the line
I got two sides
Call me Hannah Montana
She be cravin' this banana
Giving bitches gifts
Cuz what's a hoe without Santa?

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[Verse 6: K-Dawg]
Grab these rappers by the throat
Mercy no mo'
I watch as they choke
Standing frozen like snow
They watch my rap show, can't handle it
Look at how they go
Man I'm hella lit
Hey man, tell me when you get to heaven
If I can't rap, then my name isn't Kevin
My fame never stops
I'm lucky like seven
Thank you, come again

[Verse 7: rX]
Thomas on the beat
Got the crowd on their feet
Been 602 reppin'
Yeah you know that's a blessing
Reppin' for the Suns like I'm the sixth sun
Cruisin' down the Bentley
Sippin' on some Henny
Hungry for this money
Chillin' with my honey
We ain't at Subway but you know we eating fresh
2-10 we the best, this was your guest
Chuchy your up next go put this game to rest

[Verse 8: Gucci Chuchy]
Faded like Damn Daniel
Chuchy you can't handle
Chuchy with the roast
Nigga you was toast
Coast to coast, Northwest to the bay
Baddies come my way
Gjgjg she eat bae
Ask me for my name and number, I don't do surveys
Keep her on her toes like it's ballet, like it's ballet

[Verse 9: A-Bomb]
Call me A-Bomb
'bouta drop this verse
Rated M for the mature
No we ain't selling our souls just spitting to the beat of the song
Ames now the time to press skip and sing-along to your old lady songs, while Mr. Baldy jacks off to his porn
Parties at the dorms, bitches drinking till they out cold
They wish they were Levi's, the quality never dies

[Verse 10: Andy Love]
Studio rules, part 1
Shout out to Thomas and his studio
Its what makes the artistry happen
No taking dumps, I don't give no fucks
This ain't for free, go to Dollar Tree
No saying te gana, you're the devil's prada
No touching me sexually and please respect the artistry

[Verse 11: Chiki]
We got ThomasOnTheKeys, you niggas smell like fleas
Getting in my shit?
Leave or you'll get hit
We out here playing clash. you niggas smell like trash
My first time on a track, that bitch has a a nice rack
Let me motorboat
Yeah, now we're rich, our net worth was a dollar but now it's a billion dollars
We put in the work the bitches twerk

[Outro: Clemz]
It's your boy Clemz
I'm riding in a Benz
I got a bitch waiting on me and she is with her friends

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