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E-White - Doin' It Bigg lyrics

* E White & RBX

Wut's happenin yall
Its the Dogghouse situation
Once again narrator the X
And my nigga E White
Doin it real bigg ya heard alrite now
Listen closely

The convertable swoops up with 3 bad bitches
And 16 switches

[E White]
I finna smoke this loop up
And handle my business with me n my niggas

Just in 1 time swoop up
I guess its on so we best get crackin

[E White]
So I Lace My Boots Up
And I bust off rounds at niggas jaw jackin

Fuck these bitches talk is cheap
And these niggas dont want it when its time 2 creep

[E White]
And if the police run up
They get shot down too
I'm all set now I'm ready for round 2

Long Beach City where niggas be wildin
And red neck cops be racial profilin

[E White]
My block wrong place to hang out
Cuz most of the niggas I know is banged out

[RBX - Chorus 2x]
Ride on em, slide on em
If they want war we collide on em
You niggas tryna play hard but they bitches ya dig
When Dogghouse come through we doin it bigg

[E White]
Fresh outta hidin
My day-view back 2 the block
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Hit the big homie X up and wut you got

Got that .45

[E White]
I hear they speakin on that shit we did
I'm outta dodge cuz I ain't tryna see no deal

Why you think I don't hang with my peers
Cuz they tryna give a nigga 25 years
Fuck that at all cost get away
Ain't tryna build a house in Pelican Bay

[E White]
Hey X
I know you some hoes we can lay with
That know about this type of life and won't say shit
So what it sound like to you
She live in the hood but
She said that her homeboys knew you

Yeah that busta know me
I ride him for his dough
And he really hate me cuz I fucked his main ho
On some R.Kelly shit freaky deaky
Got her real hot and watch her pee pee

[RBX - Chorus 2x]

The industry is just like gang bangin
To pull this rap-crap ya got to stay strapped
And it all about wut side you choose
Remember me, 7 executions
Remeber me, I have no remorse
Remember me, I'm high powered
Do you remember, and I still drop bombs

[E White]
I keep a gun in the ceiling I call it my hi-tek
Step with a weapon dressed in all black
Stressed and all that scared to stay still
Prepared that what I'm up against is way real
And though I feel like chillin I'm up all nite
Watchin and hopin its alrite
So I hit the lights and I jump in the sack
And get set 4 the next lick or sumthin like that

[RBX - Chorus 2x]

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