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E-White - Doh' Doh' lyrics

Doh' Doh'(Doh')
Smoking on that Doh' Doh'(Doh')
Me and my niggas smoke Doh' Doh'(Doh' Doh')
Smoking that Doh' Doh'
Smoking on that Doh' Doh'(Doh')
We smoking that Doh' Doh'(Doh')
Me and my niggas smoke Doh' Doh' (Doh' Doh')
Smoking on that Doh' Doh' (Doggy Doh' Doh')

(Snoop Dogg)
Here we, here we go again
Yeah I'm 'bout to flow again
My shit at the record store
Go ahead and blow it in, tell a friend
And don't be afraid about it, brought a couple homies with me
Man, forget about it
From dawn to dusk to run with us
You must bust, cuss and fuss, now
Wow, how now thou
That nigga bow down to the new motherfucking sheriff in town

You niggas better watch out
Cause Soopafly's the most anticipated talked about nigga that is not out
Fucking up your whole rep
With the Coast-step, got them bitches shook up
They just coming right to left
I'mma shine when it comes down
To it, if it calls for that shit Soopa don't fuck around
I'm something, else
With my bad self
Hot's the game, but cold is the breath

(E. White)
Most of the niggas on the block know what I'm talking about
You get, put on the set and ain't no walking about, shit
We shoot dice, skip school every day
Oh yeah that back gate is my smooth get away
My niggas Sherm'd out and high as fuck
Well is you down to ride or what? Fuck it!
Hop off inside the bucket
I need some heat nigga, run and tell
Cuz won't you let me know who got a gun for sale?

(Snoop Dogg)
Shit, I'm trying to sell everything
Bang on any gang
That's the way the Chitty-bang
East-side Longbeach City thing
Get it man, rich rollin' 20's gang
Yeah we getting gritty man

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If I'mma choose: ya'll lose
We just fucking up your program, giving ya'll the blues, I cruise!
Tried to keep up and blew a fuse
Bitches know the deal because they know the rules, get bruised
I keep 'em paired up in twos
If they don't have my money: bare butt no shoes, dues
Don't give me nothing but good news baby, right now
Don't make me come down

(Snoop Dogg)
Goldie Loc' you got me high as a motherfucker
Big-Snoop, blithe as a motherfucker
I do the do, cause I'm about that peanut-butter
May-day, may-day
Baby what you say that Take-take?
A whole lot a, they got a pot of fetti'
A nope notta, fo' shotta' Harlem Globetrotter
East-side rip rider
I like to hide up insider her, then I light up

(E. White)
Check it out:
Shit I really been to jail (really?)
And I really sold dope (really?)
And I really got a strike (really?)
And I still can't vote
But I knuckle up with all you niggas
Shut the fuck, and nut up on that white boy that called you nigga
Why the fuck should I get patriotic?
Stop the war on the cops so we could talk about it?
I probably might not make it through the night
But that alright with E. White
Cause I'm smokin' on that Doh' Doh'


(Mr. Kane)
We smoke this bomb for you ca-rum-pum-pum-pum
We roll this dank for you ca-rum-pum-pum-pum
No sticks, no stems, no seeds ca-rum-pum-pum-pum
We puff on nothing but chron' like rum-pum-pum-pum
Doh' rae me fah so la tee smoking on that Doh'!
Doh' rae me fah so la tee smoking on that Doh'!
It's just the way that I can't help myself when it comes to this Mary-Jane
It's just the way that it makes me feel when it comes inside!
Comes inside! In my mind!

(Inhale followed by coughing)

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